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  Exciting New 1815 Print

Lombardy Studios has purchased a limited number of Keith Rocco art giclée prints “Quatre Bras: Fight for the Standard—June 16, 1815“ on canvas:

11-inches by x 14-inches = $160 plus shipping.

20-inches by 24-inches = $300 plus shipping.

Shipping = $15 to a USA address; $48.00 to Canada; $70.00 to UK/EU

Here is a portion of the historical brief that accompanies the print:

Two days before the epic battle of Waterloo, Napoleon’s Army of the North fought two major battles: The Emperor personally directed the defeat of the Prussian army under Field Marshal Gebhard von Blücher at Ligny while his renowned Marshal Michel Ney fought the Duke of Wellington’s diverse Anglo-Allied army at Quatre Bras…. The Emperor’s strategy was to first defeat the Prussians and then turn on Wellington. Wellington’s troops arrived incrementally at the Quatre Bras crossroads but held on to their position. However, Ney’s aggressive tactics prevented Wellington from marching to the aid of Blücher. Waterloo is a more famous battle, but the fighting at Quatre Bras was equally terrible. The scene depicted by Keith Rocco shows an incident at Quatre Bras between French lancers of Lieutenant General Pire’s 2nd Cavalry Division and the British 44th Regiment of Foot. A group of lancers from the 6th Regiment, after having pierced the line of the British infantry, made for the colors of the 2nd Battalion of the 44th British Regiment. Though flowery in his Victorian description of the action, the 44th’s commander, Lieutenant Colonel Hamerton, leaves us a graphic depiction of this confrontation: “A French Lancer gallantly charged at the Colours, and severely wounded Ensign Christie, who carried one of them, by a thrust of his lance, which, entering the left eye, penetrated to the lower jaw. The Frenchman then endeavored to seize the Standard, but the brave Christie, notwithstanding the agony of his wound, with a presence of mind almost unequalled, flung himself upon it —, not to save himself, but to preserve the honour of his Regiment. As the Colour fluttered in its fall, the Frenchman tore off a portion of the silk with the point of his lance; but he was not permitted to bear the fragment beyond the ranks. Both shot and bayoneted by the nearest of the soldiers of the 44th, he was borne to the earth, paying with the sacrifice of his life for his display of unavailing bravery.“ ...

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Napoleon Victorious

Lombardy Studios has also purchased a limited number of Napoleon’s First Italian Campaign 1796-1797, a large format 266-page deluxe edition book bound in Moroccan leather with gilt stamping, featuring 57 color paintings and 45 sketches by Keith Rocco, plus 41 color maps, 46 color uniform plates, 32 color artifact photos, and orders-of-battle.

Napoleon’s First Italian Campaign 1796-1797 is available from Lombardy Studios @ $90 each plus shipping. It originally sold @ $170.

Shipping to USA addresses = FREE; Canada = $44.50; UK/EU/etc. = $68.85

EXTRA BONUS: Along with a copy of this book, purchasers will receive an 18-page article “Napoleon’s Two-Week War, 1796” written by Dana Lombardy that summarizes Napoleon’s early military career up to his successful and unprecedented first victory as commander of the Army of Italy. Napoleon’s strategy in his first campaign in 1796 would be repeated in Belgium in 1815 discover what that was and why it succeeded in 1796 but failed in 1815.

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